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Your are Invited to be the Guest Speaker on The Drug Rehab Guide Podcast


Become a Guest on the Drug Rehab Guide Podcast
Are you looking for a way to bring more exposure to your treatment center? Are you the type of person who believes in helping people struggling with addiction by openly sharing your expertise?

If so, we’d love to have you as a guest on my podcast. There is no cost for you to participate.

Being a guest on the Drug Rehab Guide Podcast will give you exposure to a large audience of people interested in learning more about addiction recovery and how to become and stay sober.

Actual Podcast from iTunes:

We are an Addiction Marketing Company focused on helping people struggling with addiction to connect with INDUSTRY experts like you.

Every podcast that we publish has the following 3 goals:

1) To provide valuable information and advice about the the Drug Rehab Process.
2) Enabling people to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain and behavior and to regain control of their lives through.
3) To allow our guest speakers to promote their own business to attract and help more people in need.

Based upon an outsider’s view of Treatment Center, yours is one that looks like it might be a good example to be featured on our podcast. To know for sure, we’d like to conduct a short (10-15 minute) pre-interview with you on the phone.

skype-konsultant[1]WHAT ARE WE GOING TO ASK YOU?
In our short pre-interview over Skype call, we need to map out the questions that Wolf Krammel (CEO of Pump Up Your Website) is going to ask you during the podcast interview.

Where Will the Interview Be Published and What’s In It For You?
If we include Your Treatment Center in one of our podcast episodes, you are going to get exposure to a very large audience of people struggling with addiction and their family members. The podcast can be found on Apple’s iTunes and on many other podcast services.

Between our own blog, our podcast, and the other websites that our content is syndicated to, your story will be seen by potentially tens of thousands of readers/listeners.  There is no cost for you to participate.

Schedule your 15 minute pre-interview now by simply going to this link:
> > > https://calendly.com/pumpup/pre-interview 

Please feel free to call me anytime on my cell at 561-281-0460






Wolf Krammel
CEO  – Pump Up Your Website