Tips For Expanding Your Treatment Center’s Social Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is both easy and complicated. You need to create content that is both informative and yet grabs people’s attention. By grabbing their attention they are likely to spread it, and that is how things go viral. Expanding your treatment center’s social media reach can be challenging but these tips should help you get on the right path.

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The first tip up is the one that is really common sense, but can be tricky. Your content needs to be useful. I know it sounds really simple, but it’s also critical. The best way to expand the number of people you are reaching is to provide them with something that is worthy of sharing. Sharing is key to gaining more followers, and getting more people to your website in the long run.

For a treatment facility this can be a little tricky, however there are still things you can do that will help you gain followers and clients. Aim to provide your followers with tips, solutions, informative articles, and news worthy information. The more up to date you are and the more you can provide them the more likely they are to not only trust your treatment facility but to share that information with others.

This strategy needs to be done constantly. It’s easy to let your social media presence slip, but don’t staying on top of it and making your content fresh is key to expanding your marketing campaign.

The next step in improving your social media presence is to run a contest. People like to be rewarded, and running contests is an easy way to offer them something for being loyal to your brand and following you on your social media network. Often people will share a contest which will also gain you more exposure. Binkd for example is one way of running a contest through Facebook where when someone enters the contest they can refer their friends to get more entries, these referrals make for a great way to gain more new contacts.

Guest posts are another way to expand your audience. For a treatment facility this might mean getting a specialist or someone with a specific knowledge set to write a guest post and then posting it to your social media. This helps to bring followers of the guest to you. This can work the other way around as well, someone from your facility may do a guest post on a blog, drawing in the blogs audience to your business.

Twitter chats are a powerful tool, and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Twitter chats are set times when users get together and talk about a specific topic. As a treatment facility you have a wide range of information to share and a Twitter chat on one of those topics will really help to expand who you are reaching on social media.

Lastly, infographics. Infographics are pretty much what they sound like, well done graphics that get information across. For a treatment facility these can be very powerful tools, with new information and statistics coming out an infographic can be the best way to get these otherwise boring numbers across to your clients in an emotionally meaningful way. Make sure your infographics are easy to relate to, make comparisons and pay attention to the graphics end of it.

Building a social media marketing platform can take some time, results aren’t instant, and you will need to put in the work, however, it is an affordable, and powerful way to grow your treatment facility and connect with new clients.


3 Branding Strategies To Help Your Treatment Facility be on the TOP!

Sao_Paulo_Stock_Exchange[1]Branding can be confusing, some people like to think that it’s just the logo, or the product, or the service, but it’s not. Branding is actually simpler than that it’s the key to how you interact with your clients, it’s how you make them feel. You know you have competition, treatment facilities that are offering the same or similar services to yours, what you need to figure out is what sets you apart. What part of your treatment center makes you the best choice?

The key here is in the specifics. If you offer something your competition doesn’t focus on that and make it a part of your strategy for branding.

Here are three tips that will make your branding strategies work for your treatment facility.

  • First Be Consistent. Once you understand what sets you apart from the competition stick with it. Make sure that it carries through your entire marketing strategy and don’t deviate. Consistency is the cornerstone to branding. For example if you post something to your social media make sure that it fits into your brand. Don’t post things that are just amusing, or that could be deemed confusing it will detract from your brands message.
  • Second be empathic. Emotionally connecting to your clients is even more important for a treatment facility than it is for other types of businesses. If you are faith based make sure to make that part of your marketing strategy, if you believe in treating all of your clients like you would your own family, use that to your advantage. When people connect emotionally they are more likely to want to work with someone.
  • Third cultivate relationships. Your clients are your biggest asset in more ways than one. They can help you to grow your business by word of mouth and online recommendations. These relationships need to be both ways, find a way to reward your clients for their loyalty.

Branding relies on you being consistent and these strategies will help you to focus on your treatment facilities brand and move forward with effective marketing.

Are You As Good As Your Competition? What you need to know as a Behavioral Health Business Owner and Your Online Reputation

All too often a once successful and hard-working small business will start to flounder, all based on one person’s opinion.

5144677794_f2c1ae6e10_o_d[2]A customer, who wasn’t satisfied, or an employee who feels they’ve been mistreated, or a competitor who is out to get you can rapidly and drastically damage your online reputation.

The problem lies in the fact that anyone can post a review online, regardless of their connection or in some cases lack thereof to you. What’s worse, if you aren’t paying attention you won’t even know that these reviews exist.

From a business perspective the statistics can be rather staggering, with over seventy percent of perspective customers trusting online reviews on an equal footing with word of mouth or personal recommendations according to a Nielson Global Trust in Advertising Survey.

Perspective clients are spending their time searching online before they decide who they are going to work with or what they are going to purchase, generally looking over at least ten different reviews before they make their decision.

Another thing you have to contend with is the ease and speed at which reviews can now be accessed. Searching has never been easier or more interconnected, with a single search giving not only reviews but maps, paid advertising, links to the competition, Facebook pages, and more.

As troublesome as this pitfall sounds, there is a powerful upside. Bad reviews can damage your business, but on the flip-side of that coin good reviews can go a long ways towards helping you grow your business.

The key to this is making sure you are aware of your online reputation. As a behavioral health company this is even more important.

Thankfully there are strong strategies that will help you to improve and protect your online reputation.

The first thing that you want to work towards is developing a five star reputation. You should talk to your current clients and ask them to post reviews about your services. Try to target those clients who tell you they are pleased with their results. Aim for having at least ten positive reviews. Some of the sites you can guide your clients to include: Google Plus Local, Yelp, CitySearch, and even your Facebook Fan page. Make sure you stay on top of this, doing it regularly not just for one short time.

The next step is to use your positive reputation. Once your clients have posted those positive reviews use them to your advantage. Showcase those reviews on your website, and make sure that your site is designed to convert the traffic that your online reviews can bring into new clients.

The next step is to manage your online reputation. Managing your reputation is maybe the most important part of this process. You should actively read and watch the reviews that are being posted. Google Alerts will help, but you will still need to check into other sites like the local directories as google alerts will not pick those up.

By ensuring you have positive reviews you’ll be able to unravel a negative review with just numbers. However, you also want to make sure that you reply to a negative review as soon as possible, be professional, be polite, but point out any solutions to the problem that you have.

Staying on top or your reputation means including your entire staff, encourage them to ask clients to post reviews, and to talk to any client who seems unhappy or upset and try to remedy the situation before it ever hits the internet.