Looking to discover Google AdWords miracles for your sales? First learn the mistakes to avoid

Have you read tons of feedback on Google AdWords, where people are saying they’ve got their business rolling and traffic coming up after launching the campaign? Have you tried it and wonder where all those miracles are? It’s well possible you have made some of the common Google AdWords mistakes, which led you to misery instead of miracles. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

  • Words do count
    It’s all about the keywords. The magic of AdWords is in the keywords you pick for your campaign. So, the first mistake to avoid is to go head first in picking your keywords not knowing a thing about content optimizing for SEO or not mastering the keyword lore. The inexperienced keyword chooser tends to throw in as many keywords as possible and focuses on highest rating keywords.That is a huge mistake to make. The best keywords have the highest competition rate for them. And, they are the most expensive ones. The same is true about general keywords. As a rule they bring you all kinds of visitors to your web site. Those people are just browsing through, they are not ready to buy or even to subscribe with you. You pay for the clicks, but you do not get any conversions. That’s a folly.The trick is to pick your niche keywords and long tail keywords, which would bring you a more limited amount of traffic. But those visitors would be the ready to buy or at least ready to listen to you people.
  • Get inside your customers’ heads
    That is another commonly made mistakes: to launch your Google AdWords campaign with no idea of who your target customers are or what they are searching for. And even more importantly, of how they are searching for your products or services.You need to be able to pip into their heads and understand what keywords they are using to find you and your products. Start by sitting down and brainstorming. What would you type in the Google search to find the products or services you sell? Go to forums, social networks, blogs to discover what people are chatting about and how they describe these things. And, look to your competitors’ web sites and ads, too. They may have already figured it out.
    As you may see, these mistakes can cost you tons of money. Fixing them may generate you tons of sales and leads. So, learn before you leap.

Ipad mini

Urgent news for IPad lovers: IPad mini is on the way

Lots of people all over the world have once and for all fallen in love with IPads. However, not all of us are as lucky as to afford these devices. Plus, some of us crave for smaller size and handier things to communicate and entertain with. Those are the reasons, which have driven Apple to IPad mini production.
And, the happy day indeed is near at hand. The official announcement is to be made on 17th of October. The release is going to follow few weeks. It seems to be a sure thing that IPad Mini has already been launched into production. So, this joyous event is about to come true in the nearest future.
Now, another happy thing about IPad Mini is the cost of the device. The rumors name different prices for the new member of the IPad family. Some prophesy it would be no more than two hundred bucks, while others name the price of almost four hundred a piece.
The name itself IPad Mini suggests that size does really matter. As you may know, the full size similar device has almost 10 proud inches in the size of its display. It is said that its smaller brother would have around 8 inches size display to boast. It’s a great challenge and serious competition for some of the other similar devices on the market.
There is no doubt the device would have a nice touch screen to enjoy. It may be equipped with the iPhone type of screen to cut down the costs of the Ipad mini.
As to the name of this fantastic new device, some suggest the IPad mini would stick to it; while others tell the Apple would come up with a nicer alternative.

Anyways, the excitement is up and people are waiting for the new mobile device to come on scene and fill in the empty market niche for Apple.

New mobile ad solutions for small business

New mobile ad solutions for small business

Wanna know why mobile advertising can be too expensive for smaller businesses? It happens just because people make mistakes. It used to be that you paid per every user click on your ads in mobile advertising. But mobile device users are found to make lots of mistakes in the form of accidental clicks.

People just press your ads, land on your mobile pages and immediately leave them without even taking a look at what you have to offer them. But, every time that happens, you have to pay for the clicks and for the traffic, directed to your web pages.

How often does it happen and does it cost you much? You would be surprised to discover the truth. According to the new research data almost fifty percent of all the clicks from mobile devices are generated by user mistakes. That means half of your money spent on online advertising is wasted.

That is one reason why mostly large and rich companies get engaged into this type of advertising. They can afford to pay for those false clicks and cover up the costs from the revenues made by the real ones.

So, is that the end of mobile advertising for small business? It certainly is not. The new technologies coming on the scene save the situation. The salvation comes in the form of a different approach to mobile advertising. For one, it becomes even more targeted and aimed at certain cities or regions. This way, you get to reach your target customers based on their geographical location.

Secondly, instead of pay for clicks, now you can pay for subscriptions. Clicking your ads the customers do not get redirected to your web pages. Instead they get a simple email, which urges them to leave their contact data, such as their name and email. If they are interested in hearing more about your services or products, they sign up.

Now, everyone is happy now. You get some very precious information: the direct contacts of your prospects. People get the information they want about your offers or products. And advertisers get paid based on each subscription. The prices vary greatly depending on the quality and quantity of information you obtain through such subscriptions.

The new approach certainly makes mobile advertising more cost effective and measurable. You get much more than just some unsure clicks with no follow up or actions taken on your web sites. You get real value delivered and more real sales generated for your business.

Target post

Target post

Have you ever heard of showrooming? Or, maybe you’ve done it yourself dozens of times not even knowing its name? Let me tell you what it is, why people do it and why large retailers try to combat it at any cost.

Showrooming is a new trend among consumers. Here is what they do: they go to offline stores, such as Target, for instance, look up novelties among the products. Then they get back home and go online. There they find the same products on Amazon or other web sites and buy them at much more appealing prices. Basically, they go to the stores just to hold the things they want to buy in their hands and see, what they are like; which you cannot do going online. For many customers photos are not enough. So, they go to the stores to get some real offline experience with the products only to get back and buy them online.

Naturally, the showrooming tendencies greatly damage offline stores’ business. So, many of them come up with various strategies to stop or at least decrease showrooming and turn those visitors back into their loyal customers.

Target, for instance, has come up with a new attraction to do so. They have decided to put QR codes on some of their products. These codes allow you to use your mobile to find products online and buy them. To tell you more precisely Target is going to QR their toys. Even though going to an offline store to shop online may seem like an odd thing to do, but customers get some benefits out of it.

Besides holding the products in your hands and getting the feel of them, you may also avoid standing long lines during the holiday seasons. That’s one benefit of Target QR codes. Another one is buying the product you want, even if they run out of it in the store. You snap the code and buy it online. Plus, sometimes you may get mobile or online coupons for these products. So, after all, getting the QR codes you also get discount prices for the products you want. Once you order the products online, you get them delivered to your home. That is another advantage.

And, of course, you keep the benefit of offline shopping experience, enjoyment and feel of the products, which for some people is the best thing in the whole shopping process.

The test period for Facebook

How to leverage new Facebook Offers tool for your social network marketing

Currently Facebook is launching a new marketing and business tool for those, seeking to leverage social media for their business and reach their target customers with their offers. The tool is called Facebook Offers. By this time it has been tested and proved to deliver great and measurable results for business owners.


Now, what is Facebook Offers and how can you benefit from it spreading the word out about your products of service? The service is tuned up for the pages with 400+ fans. Here is what you can do through the Facebook Offers tool. You may create a special offer for your fans to claim. Once they claim your discount by clicking on your specially designed ad, it goes right into their news feed. This means, you not only get some interested customers, who may finish the deal and buy your products or services using the discount.

You also get to spread out your messages in a viral way. This is an easy way to get your ads exposed to all the friends and fans of your fans. If any of them click on your Facebook Offers’ ads, they automatically add them to their news feeds, and so on and so forth. So, basically, your ad may go a great distance reaching out thousands of people on the way.

Some people, who have already tested the system for free, report that they got a nice amount of clicks, they closed some deals too. But the best thing about Facebook Offers is that they have been able to reach new people with the ads and get new fans. Some people report that their Facebook Offers ads generated several thousands of clicks, but only half of them came from their existing fans. The rest of them came from new people of this social network.

Presently, the Facebook is planning on making money through their Facebook Offers tool. They would charge you around $5 per offer. Creating the ads is made easy. You may limit them in time or in the number of clicks.

Making sales is not the only way to benefit from this new tool. It may also help you to build up your fan list. You may post a free give away ad with the Facebook Offers. Since you already know how it spreads from one news feed to another, you may expect a viral spread around the network with tons of people viewing and clicking on your ads and becoming your fans.

Create a mobile campaigns

Few reasons to run a separate mobile ad campaign

If you have not launched your first mobile ad campaign yet, you fall far behind your market competitors. And that is not a joke, as today more and more people get at least one and more likely several mobile devices, which allow them to get ads and act upon them, closing sales, subscribing newsletters or following other calls to action.

You may object: those people still get online through their ipods, ipads or iphones. What difference does it make and why should I launch a separate ad campaign for them? I do pretty well as it is with my online advertising and promotions.


The trick is that all the above listed mobile devices are used differently by people. Unlike PCs, they provide people with more fun and entertainment. And, they have different approach to the ads they stumble upon, using them. Plus, lots of these devices have trouble interacting with regular web sites. If you set up a mobile web site, which takes seconds to load to mobile devices, you get more chances of closing deals with their users.

Setting up a separate mobile campaign gives you a number of valid advantages. For one, you are not forced to use the same keywords as in your online campaigns. This way you get more flexibility and make advertising more targeted.

Plus, it allows you to set up a budget and track down the efficacy of your mobile advertising and your ROI. This way, you can measure up its results more precisely and get more control over the campaign.

Moreover, you can tune up your ads to the mobile devices. They become more user friendly and more specific, motivating people to do certain things and to operate their mobile devices in a certain way.

And again, you send your mobile consumers to mobile web pages, which are loadable to their devices and contain short targeted messages and specific information for them to benefit from.


So, as you may see, a separate mobile campaign does have many benefits to offer both to you and your target consumers.


Lady Gaga has triumphed Twitter crossing the 30 million line

Do you still view Facebook or Twitter as a simple way to get connected with your friends online? There is much more going on there, believe me. For instance, music and movie stars are getting connected with their fans worldwide through these handy online tools and Lady Gaga tops their list.

She has gotten an amazing popularity level on Facebook, having won the hearts and likes of over 50 million of Facebook users. And, she is promptly catching up with the Twitter. Her position there outmatched Katy Perry and some of the other top music stars.

Presently, she seems to win the affections of over 30 million Twitter users, who have started to follow her on this popular social media. According to Twitter fan counting tool, she had to reach this number of followers at a certain point in time, but she managed to beat the record and cross the line 2 days earlier.

But not everything is so serene in Lady Gaga’s social media experience. Recently she has suffered a significant loss. People at Facebook have suspected that some of the likes given to Lady Gaga were fake. So, they started a great cleaning and removed almost 70 thousand of them, given through fake Facebook profiles.

Of course, the number seems pretty insignificant, compared to the amazing 50 million followers she’s got on Facebook. Still she’s got a little fly in her ointment through such rapid like decrease.

So, why do stars go online and set up profiles on social media web sites? One of the key reasons for that is not just getting virtual likes and tweets. The key reason is to turn their albums and other ‘show products’ into multimedia experiences for their fans and sell more of them.

In fact the next Lady Gaga’s album is going to be just that. It no longer is going to be sold on CDs or other offline careers only. They are planning to make it accessible from iphones and other top notch devices and it is surely doomed to be a success keeping in mind the amazing triumph of the musician on various social networks.